Novel Solutions for Cartilage Repair

Leveraging Regenerative Medicine
Innovation with the Ultimate Goal of
Improving Patient’s Lives


A Cartilage-Like Tissue Implant
Created from a Patient’s Own Cartilage Cells

Regenerative Medicine Platform

Leveraging the Latest Advances in Innovative Bioengineering,
Materials Sciences and Molecular and Cellular Biology
to Treat Musculoskeletal-Related Conditions

Who We Are

Histogenics is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing and commercializing products in the musculoskeletal segment of the marketplace. Our regenerative medicine platform combines expertise in cell processing, scaffolding, tissue engineering, bioadhesives and growth factors to provide solutions that can be utilized individually or in concert to treat musculoskeletal-related conditions. Our first product candidate, NeoCart, leverages our platform to provide an innovative treatment in the orthopaedic space, specifically cartilage damage in the knee.